WellLife Trending

WellLife Trending

At Live Long Well Care, our number one goal is to help you and others like you live longer, healthier and happier lives. Through our wide array of services, we give our clients the ability to maintain their independence while living a higher quality of life – The Weller Life®.

We are excited to announce a new program, WellLife Trending, which will enable you to enhance your Weller Life. WellLife Trending combines the importance of preventative healthcare with a stress-free lifestyle.

WellLife Trending offers periodic health assessments performed by our team of licensed healthcare professionals and aimed to monitor and identify health problems before they become an issue.

This proactive approach increases members’ ability to better track their wellness without the hassle of waiting rooms and commutes as all assessments will be performed in your home and designed to fit your schedule. Monthly tracking reports which can be mailed to family members, as well, help our clients make more knowledgeable health care decisions.

Live Long Well Care

WellLife Trending is an inclusive package which includes the following examinations:


– Vitals monitoring (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiratory Rate, Temperature)

– Height and weight tracking

– Lung field check

– Oxygen saturation monitoring

– Glucose monitoring (if applicable)

– Fall risk environmental scan

– Lower body strength and balance assessment

– Neurological assessment



– Monthly tracking report delivered to requested family members
– One additional PRN assessment for BP, oxygen saturation, and glucose



– Monitoring of essential vitals (mentioned above) by certified team member

We invite you to be a part of this exciting opportunity which will enhance your Weller Life.